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Case Study #3

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Jupiter Marketing Agency conducted digital marketing for a local Counselor and Psychotherapist looking to get more leads and clients online.

We strategized the best marketing channels available for his case and worked on advanced SEO strategies, pay-per-click campaigns, social media, and improved website to optimize even further for Google Lighthouse for top performance and speed.

This led to an improvement in website traffic of over 240% in just short of a year — from 17K visitors to 59K. Our data also shows that when we began they had 87 keyword rankings in the top 5 positions on Google, and after one year, they have more than 175 keywords in the top 5 positions. Key performance indicators tracked were:

Website Traffic:

The website traffic of 17k new visitors was improved by 240.00% raising the traffic to 59k new visitors.

Page Views:

One of the website improvements also confirms by the data the quality of the visitors that spend more time on the website and viewed 188% more pages than previously.

Keyword Positions:

As of January 2021, our rank tracking tool accounted for 48% of keywords in the first (1st) position. As of August 2021, 74% of keywords were in the first (1st) position.

January 2021

November 2021

If you are looking to improve your counseling practice’s online presence and need a reliable company, experienced in Digital Marketing for Therapists, Psychotherapists contact us today to schedule a meeting.

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