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Jupiter Marketing Agency was hired by a commercial air conditioning company in South Florida to manage the website and digital marketing with the objective to get more leads and clients online.

After extensive research, our team started the multi-channel marketing strategy where we utilized the most advanced marketing tools available to reach the exact target customer they were looking for.

Our data confirmed an improvement in website conversion rate of over 191% in about six months — from 2.34% to 6.82% and an increase in conversion of 25%. Our data also showed that visitors were spending 66% more time on the website than previously.

Website Conversions and Conversion Rate:

The website conversion rate was improved by 191.47% which represented a 25.25% increase in leads.

Time Spent on Website:

Our data also confirmed improvements in the quality of the content which can be seen by visitors spending more time on the website.

Keyword Positions:

As of June 2021, our rank tracking tool accounted for 16% of keywords in the first (1st) position. As of November 2021, 30% of keywords were in the first (1st) position.

June 2021

November 2021

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