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Lawyer’s Guide to Google Local Services Ads

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Google LSA for Lawyers

This guide is for solo lawyers and law firms aiming to capture the attention of anyone in their local community searching for legal services. If you’re interested in getting to the top of Google search engine results, it’s important to consider all the benefits that Local Services Ads (LSAs) have to offer. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about Local Services Ads for lawyers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Google Local Services Ads for Lawyers

Our team has extensive experience in managing LSAs for lawyers. That’s why we composed a list of frequently asked questions that lawyers often have about Google Local Services Ads. These can give you a better understanding of the fundamentals of LSAs for lawyers. 

What is Google Local Services Ads for Lawyers?

Local Services Ads have prime real estate on a Google search results page. When someone in your area is looking for a service, they’ll see businesses with LSAs appear above pay-per-click placement ads. You may have seen these before when searching for other services, such as home improvement businesses, but since Google opened up LSAs to law firms, the legal service industry has seen a significant boost in business. Local Services Ads for lawyers help new clients connect directly to your law firm through a call or message. 

What can you control in Local Services Ads?

Google gives lawyers and other services a lot of control when managing their Local Services Ads. You can access your account via online or mobile app. They provide a wide array of tools to help you maintain your ranking and connect with potential clients. You can use these tools to:

  • Manage your profile and budget
  • Set job types and service areas
  • Directly communicate with potential clients 
  • Accept new leads
  • Manage leads
  • Track leads
  • Assess data on your ad’s performance
  • Adjust your budget
  • Ask for reviews
  • Dispute charges 

Google recommends utilizing these tools as much as possible to make sure your account is running smoothly, and you’re responding to inquiries. 

How much do Local Services Ads leads cost?

One of the best parts about Google Service Ads is that you’re in control of your budget. You can increase or decrease your ad spending at any time. You can even pause your ads if you find yourself in a financially vulnerable phase or if you need time to catch up on leads. The cost per lead will be different for every lawyer or law firm. It depends on a few factors, such as the local competition of your area of practice and the size of your target demographic. If there’s a lot of competition, the cost per lead could be anywhere between $100-$300. If you’re casting a smaller net, the price per lead could be somewhere around $50-$100. 

Google also understands that there will be leads that are irrelevant to your area of practice. Thankfully, they offer a path to reimbursement if you pay for an unrelated lead. Google allows you to dispute these charges, so it’s always helpful to work with a company like Jupiter Marketing Agency that can monitor leads for you and ensure you’re not wasting money. 

What are the ranking factors of Local Services ads?

At Jupiter Marketing Agency, we take Local Services Ad rankings seriously. We keep a close eye on the factors contributing to Google’s estimation of what ads should appear in a legal service search. Google considers things like:

  • Your verification status and if you’ve maintained a Google Guarantee badge and Google Screening badge (more on this below)
  • The context of the search entered 
  • Your law firm’s review scores and the number of reviews received
  • How quickly and how often you respond to new client inquiries
  • Percentage of active calls versus booked, completed and archived
  • Your location in relation to the user
  • Your business hours and the timing of each search
  • How many complaints your law firm has received. 

Our team keeps all of these factors in check. If there’s a dip in leads, we can immediately identify and fix the problem. 

Which types of lawyers can participate in Local Services Ads?

Right now, Google Local Services Ads are available to lawyers practicing in the following areas:

  • Bankruptcy lawyer services
  • Business lawyer services
  • Contract lawyer services
  • Criminal lawyer services
  • Disability lawyer services
  • DUI lawyer services
  • Estate lawyer services
  • Family lawyer services
  • Immigration lawyer services
  • IP lawyer services
  • Litigation lawyer services
  • Malpractice lawyer services
  • Personal injury lawyer services
  • Real estate lawyer
  • Traffic lawyer services

What happens if you pause your Local Services Ads?

You may choose to pause your LSA for several reasons. You may find yourself in a rebuilding phase and need to take a break, or you may have too many leads coming in and need extra time to deliver responses. Either way, if you decide to pause your ad, Google doesn’t remove the ad, but they remove your firm’s “Google Guarantee” label. In other words, the free version of your ad will appear instead. Your ad will also fall below the paid ads in search engine results. 

Can you choose which keywords to target with Local Services Ads?

While many SEO services involve target keywords, LSAs do not. Local Services Ads for lawyers are more about connecting law practice categories such as criminal defense or family law with those needing legal services. As an advertiser you have control over the categories you show up under and the locations, which can be set as state, county, city or zip code. The ranking of each ad will not depend on keyword data. 

What’s the difference between a Local Services Ad and a Pay-Per-Click Ad? 

With the pay-per-click model, you pay for clicks. With Local Services Ads, you pay per lead. Google only charges you when a potential client calls, sends a message, or books an appointment. They’re not simply viewing your website; they’re making direct contact with your law firm. Another critical difference is placement. PPC ads are typically the top 3-5 ads you see on a Google search results page. LSAs are above pay-per-click advertisements.

What kinds of leads will my law firm get? 

The best part about the pay-per-lead model is that it allows for direct communication with potential clients. You can get leads through:

Messages – Google supplies a form for the user to fill out, and you’ll receive the completed form via mobile app. 

Phone calls – Google supplies a forwarding number for potential clients. When they call this number, you receive it at your office or mobile phone. When you answer, it’ll say, “Call from Google.”

Booking – This feature allows potential clients to book an appointment through your LSA.

Process for Getting Started

If you think you’re ready to take advantage of Google Local Services Ads for lawyers, contact Jupiter Marketing Agency to speak with an expert! Below you’ll find some basic information on what the onboarding process looks like to help you prepare: 

1. Check Your Eligibility 

Each new lawyer and law firm needs to check eligibility to confirm that LSAs are available for your area of practice and region. If you’re not yet eligible due to your location or law background, keep checking back with us because Google Local Services Ads are expanding their criteria every day. 

If you qualify, Google sends you to the next section, where you can create an account. Keep in mind that if you’re already taking advantage of other Google ad services, such as Google Ads Express, you’ll still need to create an account. These different ad services are all considered separate entities. 

2. Create Your Law Firm’s Business Profile

Your law firm’s business profile should include details such as your hours of operation, your legal services, job types, and your budget. You may also want to showcase certain details in the ad, referred to as “highlights.” For instance, offering “free consultations” or “over 25 years of experience” can draw attention to your ad. You want to ensure all of this information is accurate because these details directly connect you to leads. You’ll want to avoid seeking out leads that are out of your area of expertise because you’ll end up paying for them! Be sure to be as honest as possible when completing this portion of the onboarding process. 

3. Submit Proof of Insurance and Complete a Background Check 

The Google Guarantee badge is available to lawyers and law firms that pass the approval process. Google Screened is an additional badge awarded to specific businesses, such as law firms, financial planners, and real estate agents. It adds an extra layer of protection for consumers looking for these types of professional services. You’ll need to provide things like your license number and the license number for each lawyer working at your firm. You’ll also have to submit proof of insurance and complete background checks. These badges help your law firm gain credibility and trust amongst your community. Once all of this clears, Google can begin launching your Local Service Ads.

4. Start Collecting Leads 

You must keep a close eye on your leads. If you don’t follow up with potential clients, your rankings and how many leads you receive can be affected. You must either call the lead back, reply to their message, or simply decline the job. If you refuse a job, keep track of why so you can understand if your profile is somehow bringing in irrelevant leads. 

Common Problems with Local Services Ads —and How We Fix Them

With our experience managing Local Services Ads for lawyers, we’ve learned to troubleshoot and fix all kinds of issues. Here are a few common problems that we’ve come across with LSAs and how we solve them. 

You Get Denied Despite Meeting Requirements

As with any new tool or system, glitches can appear. Since Google Local Services Ads for lawyers is still in its inception phase, it’s common for newcomers to face a few obstacles. A common initial problem has to do with the onboarding process. There’s a lot of information that needs to be collected and submitted, and if one detail appears to be off, Google may deny your request despite meeting all of the requirements. For instance, if the wrong license number is submitted or the headshot doesn’t match the Google guidelines, you could get denied. It could also be a glitch in the system. 

For issues with the onboarding process, it’s always helpful to work with the experts. Jupiter Marketing Agency can investigate the matter and review your documents to immediately identify and fix the issue. It may take a phone call to the Support Team at Google LSAs, or it may be a matter of simply re-submitting documentation. Either way, our team is ready to get you started and assist you through any glitches or mistakes in the onboarding process. 

Problems with Reviews 

Let’s face it; reviews are an incredibly influential element of digital marketing and Google advertising. One bad review can sway dozens of potential clients away from your law firm. Unfortunately, there can be a variety of potential issues with reviews. For instance, you might be the recipient of a fake negative review, which can alter your ranking. Your clients may be leaving reviews, but they’re not listed. Or your clients just forget to leave reviews. 

Regardless of what the issue is with your review process, we’ve got you covered. We know the appropriate steps to take to handle fake negative reviews. We can work with Google’s Support Team to ensure your reviews post in the right place. And we can work with you and your team of lawyers to make sure you’re taking the proper steps to encourage clients to leave reviews. If you’re facing issues with reviews, fixing this should be a top priority. 

You’re Not Generating Leads

There are many different reasons why your ad may not be generating leads. With Jupiter Marketing Agency, our job is to figure out why. Our team has come across a few causes in our experience with this issue. Remember that what you tell Google’s LSAs algorithm can have a direct effect on your leads. For example, if you’re not responding to new leads, Google believes you don’t need anymore. It’s imperative to go through your active leads and mark them as completed if you’ve booked the client or archive the lead. In a few weeks, you’ll see your leads increase again. 

Your Ad is Not Ranking Well 

For your LSA to work, it has to get views! If it’s not ranking well, then you’re not collecting leads. We supply our lawyers with all the right tools to make sure their ads appear at the top. We check and recheck your location status, make sure business hours line up, and consistently monitor your reviews —which are all factors that contribute to rankings. We recommend that you respond to clients as quickly as possible and complete the required information regarding the lead on your dashboard. Responsiveness directly affects leads and rankings. 

How Local Services Ads Benefit Your Law Firm

Local Services Ads for lawyers offer impressive benefits. If you’re only participating in pay-per-click advertisements, it’s time to consider LSAs for your law firm. Check out these key advantages of Local Services Ads for lawyers:

  • Prime Google search engine result placement! Your ads appear above pay-per-click ads and other high-ranking websites. 
  • Directly connect with your target audience. Get leads from potential clients looking for your specific legal services.
  • Access to the Google LSAs mobile app for convenient communication. 
  • Build credibility with your local community. With the Google Guarantee and Google Screened checkmarks, people in your city know that you’re an expert in your area of practice, and they can trust you. 
  • Only pay for relevant leads. The majority of potential clients contacting you will be searching for your area of legal services. 
  • Increase clientele and revenue. With Google Local Services Ads for lawyers, the only way to go is up! By responding to relevant leads and booking more consultations, your law firm can see a significant increase in growth. 
  • Gain more control over your budget. Paying per lead is a more powerful way to spend your marketing dollars.

Why You Should Act Now

If you’re interested in Local Services Ads, we highly recommend solo lawyers and law firms take action as soon as possible. First, if you’re in a competitive market, you could be wasting precious time on other forms of marketing that aren’t as valuable as LSAs. If your competitors are utilizing LSAs, you risk losing out on new clients in your area. 

Second, acting now can help you reprioritize your marketing budget and save money in the long run. Wasting time with marketing tactics that aren’t providing results can destroy your budget. By participating in Local Services Ads now, you can completely transform how you utilize your advertising dollars. 

Lastly, it’s essential to remember that the onboarding process takes time. You’ll need to collect important documents, make sure your insurance policies are up to date, and pass background checks. This process is not a small feat. It can take a lot of time to provide all of the necessary forms and wait for the approval. That’s why we encourage lawyers to take action now! 

Why You Should Choose Jupiter Marketing Agency

Our team at Jupiter Marketing Agency has accrued a ton of experience with LSAs, specifically LSAs for lawyers! Despite this being a relatively new Google advertising feature for lawyers, we took a deep dive into LSAs from the very beginning. We can assist you through the initial stages and ensure that you take all the proper registration steps. We’ve learned to troubleshoot problems and fix potential issues before they start. We’ve also mastered the ranking algorithm to make sure your LSA appears at the top. 

If you’re ready to utilize Google Local Services Ads for lawyers, contact Jupiter Marketing Agency today! A representative can give you an overview of how it all works and get you started.

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