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Full-Service Franchise online marketing and web design agency

Jupiter Marketing Agency is a reliable and scalable company and has the experience and in-house expertise to take your franchise to the next level. Whether your franchise is starting or is in operation our team is ready to be part of your success.

The cost of a franchise marketing campaign will vary according to the specific franchise marketing services that you require. We begin by analyzing your current marketing methods and identify the areas that need improvement. After an initial consultation and analysis, we can help you arrive at a franchise marketing cost that meets your budget. To discuss our pricing, contact Jupiter Marketing Agency today.

The team at Jupiter Marketing Agency has 40-plus years in combined experience and has participated in many franchise marketing and web design projects. For more details schedule a meeting with our team.

Our team has experience working with products, restaurants, dental, HVAC, home care, cleaning, and other service-based businesses.

Jupiter Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing and web design company located in Jupiter, FL, and we offer the following services to franchise owners:

  • Franchise SEO and Local SEO
  • Franchise Social Media Management 
  • Franchise Custom Website Design and Development
  • Franchise Website Hosting, Security, and Management
  • Franchise Search Engine Marketing
  • Franchise Graphic Design
  • Franchise Video Production and Editing

Specialized Digital Marketing for Franchises

When you first purchased your franchise, you may have received specific guidelines for marketing your new business. Franchisors will typically set the stage for marketing strategies so there’s consistency in the messaging and branding on a state, national, or even global level. However, when this pre-determined marketing plan doesn’t involve the uniqueness of your location, community, or employees — it can fall short. If you’re hoping to increase revenue, attract more customers, and become more visible online, you’re ready for a franchise marketing strategy designed by the experts at Jupiter Marketing Agency. 


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full service marketing and web design agency

Digital Marketing For Franchises

Being found online is essential for franchises to survive and thrive as a business. Our team has the experience and knowledge to carry on all the tasks as your marketing department, letting you focus on the most important, the numbers.
    • Franchise SEO
    • Local SEO for Franchises
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Ad Campaign Management for Franchises

Website for Franchises

Franchises need a reliable, modern, scalable website to represent their business online. Jupiter Marketing Agency offers custom website services to franchises looking to grow their business.
    • Custom Website Design & Development for Franchises
    • Franchise Website Optimization
    • Website Hosting & Security
    • Website Management

Franchise Social Media

    • Franchise Social Media Management
    • Social Media Campaign Management
    • Content Creating and Promotion
    • Audience Nurture
    • Promotional Campaigns
    • and more.

Media & Graphics for Franchises

    • Franchise Graphic Design
    • Video Production and Editing
    • Branding
    • Signage
    • Flyers
    • Menu
    • Postcards and more.

About us

At Jupiter Marketing Agency, we pride ourselves on being an experienced, reliable, and honest digital marketing company that has produced tangible results for businesses across the United States. Our expertise extends to designing and executing custom digital marketing plans for top lawyers, doctors, dentists, and other service-based businesses, helping them enhance their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.

As a result-driven agency, we don’t just talk—we deliver. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to our clients’ success have earned us a reputation as a trusted partner for businesses looking to elevate their digital marketing strategies. With a focus on innovative and personalized solutions, we work closely with each of our clients to create and implement marketing plans that align with their unique needs and objectives.

At Jupiter Marketing Agency, we are passionate about helping our clients grow and thrive in the digital world. If you are seeking a digital agency that delivers results and is invested in your success, contact us today to get a free proposal and embark on a transformative journey with us.

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We use proprietary methods to dig deep into your business

Strategic Planning

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Our marketing experts get to work day in and day out


We take time to evaluate the results and make adjustments


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Trusted as top digital marketing company for lawyers, dentists, doctors

Case Study#1

“The results speak for themselves”

Doctor marketing - Medical marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

A medical office sought our services for Pay-Per-Click Management. Jupiter Marketing Agency was able to design a campaign to improve performance quickly.

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Case Study#2

“They achieved real results in a short period of time”

Attorney marketing - Law firm marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

Jupiter Marketing Agency was contacted by a law firm that was seeking more traffic, online visibility, brand awareness, and ultimately to increase the number of leads and customers find the law firm online.

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Case Study #4

“It has been a pleasure working with the Jupiter Marketing Agency team and seeing the results”

HVAC Company marketing - AC marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

Jupiter Marketing Agency was hired by a commercial air conditioning company in South Florida to manage the website and digital marketing with the objective to get more leads and clients online.

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Case Study #3

“We now have more leads and customers than we ever did and have to hire additional staff”

Counseling marketing - Counseling marketing services


increase in organic traffic


increase in online leads

Jupiter Marketing Agency conducted digital marketing for a local Counselor and Psychotherapist looking to get more leads and clients online.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Be an integral part of your franchise while finding your distinct franchise marketing plan. Contact Jupiter Marketing Agency for creative and compelling franchise marketing strategies to increase online visibility and boost your business.

Putting a primary focus on your local community for your franchise marketing plan is essential. While big picture marketing methods can establish your business and set the foundation, each franchisee can only work if it’s reaching its target audience in its prospective area. Our team utilizes blogs, local SEO strategy, Google Local Ads, and social media to reach those most likely to become active customers. Remember, if you have a gold standard marketing strategy, but you’re pushing it in the wrong direction, it’s not going to take your business very far. That’s why we set local franchise marketing methods as a top priority. To hear more about local franchise marketing tools, contact Jupiter Marketing Agency today.

Social media franchise marketing is a fundamental part of any franchise digital marketing campaign. Your social media plan will depend mainly on your corporate franchisor’s plan. However, one key aspect of social media is communicating directly with potential customers in your area. More than likely, your franchise establishment will have its own social media profile that reflects your location. How that social media profile is managed can make a significant impact on your business. 

At Jupiter Marketing Agency, our franchise marketing tools include comprehensive plans for messaging on social media. For instance, sharing five-star reviews, directly managing customer criticisms, sharing tips and tricks of your trade, and promoting deals can all take place on your franchise’s social media platforms. Remember that you can act as your own advocate for your franchise location through vital social media messaging. To learn more about the importance of social media franchise marketing, contact a representative at Jupiter Marketing Agency today. 

Jupiter Marketing Agency understands that consistency is critical when it comes to franchise marketing. We precisely follow a franchise’s strict marketing guidelines such as tone, messaging, customer service protocols, color palettes, brand identity, social media profiles, and other requirements. Our goal is to help you find the areas where you can flex your franchise marketing muscles in your location while taking advantage of strength in numbers and complying with a franchising team.

Our franchise marketing agency helps franchisees discover marketing strengths that specifically apply to their location and desired audience. Working with the Jupiter Marketing Agency franchise team can provide a ton of amazing benefits to your establishment. We can help you identify ways to reach your local community, create brand awareness around your area, boost your social media presence, and promote the best parts of your business that go beyond the franchise logo. Contact Jupiter Marketing Agency today to schedule a consultation to hear more about the many advantages of working with our franchise marketing experts.